Course in Fetsund, Norway

Here is summary of our course in Fetsund, Norway in mars 2016.

I traveled from Italy, Damanhur, Vidracco, to this beautiful place in Fetsund outside Oslo, Norway in mars. Stocking the kitchen full of all sorts of goodies, beauties and refreshing peculiarities for the upcoming course with Sarahkka. Such gratitude for food!

Salad art, raw vegan ”cheese” with fruits and crackers, breakfast party pizza; a wonderful way to eat breakfast, smoothies and snacks filled our longing bellies and cleansing our bodies during our journey.

I am now on my way to Livsuniversitetet on Väddö, Stockholm, Sweden for another course. Enjoy!


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  1. Cara, it all looks so good! Sorry to hear of your decision but I’m not really surprised. We all hope to see you some time soon?? Baci


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