Nustas Karpay with Sarahkka at Livsuniversitetet, Väddö, april 2016

The course with Sarahkka – Nustas Karpay at Livsuniversitetet on Väddö, Stockholm, Sweden, and our days together are complete for now and leave behind a quiet echo of sensations. I rest now in the sun, lying in the grass looking up on this…


I wish to share some picture and a few recipes from the nurturing food at our course, it is such a delight to create and to share with such appreciation. And what a gift for me to hear the silence while everyone is eating…

This is part of the breakfast menu. From the left; Raw chia coconut raspberry pudding, wild weed mango smoothie and Raw sprouted buckwheat strawberry porridge. Yum!


Here´s the recipe for this delicious Blueberry-brownie-cake/ Blåbärsbrownietårta

1 spring form, 12 pieces



6 dl walnuts

a pinch of salt

1 – 1,5 dl cacao powder

16 dates

2 tsp water

1 tsp vanilla

1 dl chocolate cream (0,5 dl agave, 0,5 dl kakao, 0,25 dl coconutoil, a pinch of salt – melt in a hot pot, stir well)

♥ Blend everything in a food processor, be careful not processing to long since the walnuts can go bitter. Press the dough into a spring form with removable sides.



5 dl blueberries (225 g = 4,5 dl)

6 dl cashewnuts, soaked 3 hours or more

1 – 1,5 dl water

0,5 dl lemon juice

1,5 dl maple syrup /agave

1 tsp vanilla  or 1 Tbsp vanilla extract

a pinch of salt

0,5 dl melted coconut oil

3 msk lecitin / psyllium seed

♥ Blend well in a high speed blender, pour the filling over the base. Decorate with berries, coconut chips or anything of your liking. Put in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Enjoy together with friends and family ♥

A flowering Prunus subhirtella `Accolade´, Raw licorice vanilla chocolate raspberry pie and a picture from a lunch buffé with Raw food tacos and a Lime – avocado pie.

A delicious and spicy Palak Paneer with Tofu and Happy Fortune buns with buckwheat, carrots and psyllium. All meals are free from animal products, gluten and refined sugars.

Hälsohuset (Health house) at Livsuniversitetet and a picture of the surrounding nature, which is astonishing! I love the old trees, stones and junipers. And look what I found in the woods….a mongolian yurt, one of my favorite homes.

A few years ago when I traveled Trans-mongolian-railway though Finland, Russia, Mongolia and China I spent a few weeks traveling with the nomads in Mongolia and lived in those amazing yurts… it was so precious for me to sleep in a round home on the ground with a fire place in the middle and a hole in the roof around the chimney so I could see the stars at night…


And here now to sit in the morning sun drinking freshly tapped birch sap in the midst of hundreds of wood anemones… It is ridiculously sweet.

Thank you for this course, this place and those gifts! Next time we will meet at Holmön, Umeå and have fun with death. ∇

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  1. Hej Angelina! Så kul med allt du delar med dig av! En liten fråga, skulle inte du förutom örtavandring som jag bara älskar! Ha en liten kurs i Raw food när du finns hemma i Lillpite igen det skulle vara helt fantastiskt! Ha en bästa dag.? MVH Åsa Bredesen


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