My mother barely made it to the hospital before I was out
so eager to get here
since birth and as long as I can remember
I have moved in life mostly with ease
trusted my heart

two years ago
due to some changes
and experiences that my mind could not comprehend
I wished to explore human suffering
since I had no real understanding of it
being in that sense quite childish

so I
took myself by hand
led myself into ”darkness”
unfamiliar ground
to meet myself, where I had never been met before
to learn how to navigate there
and become familiar with the unknown
to exercise my responses to,
and relearn about pain
and suffering
and get to know how to find my way ”out”

Now, for this year
I choose to honor
to take back into heart
the focus and attention needed
to be still and quiet
so that I with ease
can receive
the omnipresent beauty and wisdom
surrounding me in every moment

there is no point holding on to
what is everywhere
at all times.


If you are searching
and have a question in your heart
it is probably about Love
so, give yourself some love
and there is your answer.


We are walking miracles of Life
we drink sunlight
we breath air
from trees and flowers
we rest our feet upon this ground
nurtured, held

we are floating around
on a tiny bubble
in an ocean of stars

this is real magic
this is the miracle

no matter what we believe
our heart is free
and we will see
that we belong
with certainty
in this body
on this planet.

And when we Feel it in our Hearts
a natural Movement starts

so deep and profound
so unconditioned
we can not help but to melt into being
and breath
and allow the impuls of life
to move Us

Sweet New Day & Year 2018



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