Late afternoon sun on violet phlox at Torpet Solvilda, Lillpite, Sweden.

The most clever, experienced and resourceful of all gardeners is Nature itself. Over thousands of millennia, nature has developed strategies and systems allowing everything to exist in elegant symbiosis. Us included. With a 510,065,600 square kilometre garden, we can rest quite assured that this planet knows what it’s up to. We can utilize this knowledge to create beautiful & functional gardens. With a new mindset, we have the opportunity to tend to our own needs and health while not overloading the systems around us that we are totally dependent upon.

Angelina ✦ Naturalis bridges nature’s wild plants with the beauty and function of the cultivated garden. I primarily offer workshops in Nordic herbal medicine, wild plant walks, herbal therapy, gardening consultation and garden design. Pruning, planting and garden services are provided on request.

kurs i naturens nyttoväxter 2  trädgård

inspiration 2Would you like some inspiration?
Take a look at my old homestead Torpet Solvilda.

Creating near the Arctic Circle is an amazing challenge, as gardening traditions are lagging behind most other places and the idea that things are hard to grow here, is a firmly rooted one. However, there is a large selection of provenience adapted plant material and it is possible to create resiliant and clever gardens. Take a look at my old farmstead and blog and you will see what I mean. (I sold the farm in august 2017, the work will continue elsewhere but the site is still up).

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