Nordic herbal medicine

kurs i naturens nyttoväxter 2

Would you like to browse nature’s wealth and get to know the invincibility herb, the Silicon King and the healer of kidneys? We embark on a guided plant walk and lecture where we familiarise ourselves with the plants of the garden and of the wild outdoors. You get to know their characteristics, what they can be used for and how they can be harvested. I will also tell you more about their valuable content, their properties, their effects on the human body as well as their functions in the ecosystem.

Cultivated plants for parks and gardens are also included as they meet a wide range of purposes in the form of beauty, pollination, materials for tools, food, medicine and other useful things.

Groups of at least 10 people, please book via or call. The walk is about 2,5 hours long and covers many useful and commonly available plants.

For further insight into how we can indulge in the health bringing properties of plants by using them in food: smoothies, desserts and other culinary creations – as well as how to harvest, dry, preserve and refine them in various ways, for instance in the form of tinctures.