cropped-angelina.pngAt the age of seven, I stood watching a leaf in the forest. The leaf existed in such self-evidence and in that moment I realised that the little leaf had infinite wisdom to give me. I saw myself in that leaf and I still do.

Nature is my natural abode and my foremost teacher. For as long as I can remember, it has fascinated me and I have observed its influence on us humans, in awe.

The more I learn about the interplay and harmony of plants, the more they fill me with wonder. My passion is to gather nature’s intrinsic knowledge and share it with others.

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Outside of the countless hours that I’ve spent in nature’s own university, I have studied and worked professionally with plants for the last ten years.  This work has included studies in Botany at Umeå University, a three-year gardener programme at Gothenburg University (Dacapo) and a certification in Permaculture from Richard Perkins, Ridgedale Permaculture. For five years I worked as the main gardener at Sinnenas Ateljé AB, where I also managed a raw food café and organised harvest festivals, amongst other things. Additionally, I have specialised in medicinal plants and plant-based foods, their benefits and shortcomings, as well as experimented with how our diet affects our well-being, physiologically and psychologically.


I have organised and managed courses in “wild plants as food and medicine” as well as held talks on several related subjects such as natural food, raw food, herbs, cultivation, sustainable development and many other subjects. I am a certified Green Smoothie Chef, personally trained and certified by Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life and other books.

In summary, all of this has given me extensive knowledge of plants, both wild and cultivated, their use in gardens and their medicinal and culinary properties. From plant to plate.

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Earth’s abundance is embedded in each and every cell of my body. It feels natural to me to share my knowledge about plants, cultivation, food and how we humans may live in harmony and health, for ourselves and for our Earth.

Angelina has also made several media appearances. A TV feature from the Lillpite homestead, Torpet Solvilda, can be found here (opens automatically). Several newspaper articles on non-toxic renovation, cultivation, herbs etc. have been featured in Piteå Tidningen, PT. Raw food cooking on the Swedish TV4 prime-time show “Halv åtta hos mig”, episode 26 (September 29, 2015) can be viewed here.

Said by others…


“For many of us, myself included, it is hard to find, and easy to ignore our connection to nature, and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the interconnected natural systems all around us… However! We have you! A translator of nature’s language, a scholar of symbiosis, a teacher of terra mater wisdom, and a curator of the earthen museum! Your gift is your dedication to living in balance with your surroundings, and your selfless sharing of that spirit with those around you.” Dan Sweeney


Szilvia“You have the talent to inspire people to change their life to something better. Your cleanness of life and thoughts are sometimes so thought provoking that some may not be able to follow you entirely, but at least they will try to change little things, and as we all know little things are the ones that really count on the long run” Szilvia Skrabanek Csonka




“I have spent 4475 days with Angelina and I am still learning new things from her on a regular basis. Her knowledge about the plant kingdom is mesmerizing; it is as if she has tapped into the plant realm and gained the ability to convey its knowledge to the rest of us.”
Robert Öberg